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Our main processes

Development processes

In addition to a catalog range, tesch emc does not only manufacture according to your specification, we also support you with the EMC filter design. For development and construction our engineers and technicians are available as contact persons for your questions.

Development support: Classic filter design taking into account existing standards, electrical & magnetic simulations, mechanical design

Winding processes

With a targeted winding, the properties of an inductive component, for example damping or dielectric strength, can be influenced. We also wrap the filter capacitors ourselves for this reason.

Winding process: Linear coil winding technology, toroid winding technology, upright winding technology, foil wrapping technique, ...

Semi-finished winding: Wire, high-frequency litz wire, Band, flat wire, fine wire, foil, ...

Winding materials: Copper, aluminium, plastic, ...


For particularly high damping properties, a long product life and an appealing appearance, a special galvanic coating process of all parts of the EMC filter surfaces is unavoidable. We have had the know-how for this coating in our company since the founding of tesch - at that time, however, we introduced it for the production of high-quality watches.

Surface material: tin

Parameter inspection

In order to maintain a reproducible quality, all components are distinguished by their electrical values during sampling and examined during the series production. The measurement conditions are adjusted to the respective deployment conditions and co-ordinated with the customer.

Classic measurement methods: Resistance, inductivity, leakage inductance, transmission ratio, capacity, resonance frequency, group delay, ...

Low-level parameters: Insertion loss, return loss, ...


Optimum protection for every application. Whether impregnation, treatment or socketing: Benefit from more than 40 years of experience in the application of these technologies.

(Vacuum) cast: Polyurethane, epoxide, silicone, ...

(Vacuum) impregnation: Alkyd resins, polyester imide resins, epoxide, ...

Pre-treatment techniques: Degreasing, sandblasting, plasma activation, ...

100% safety inspection

Not only the obligatory insulation test is carried out on all components. According to the requirements and after consultation we carry out a whole series of safety inspections on the component in order to guarantee the reliability and longevity of your component.

High-voltage inspection: DC voltage up to 30 kV, AC voltage up to 5 kV

Partial discharge: Sensitivity 5 pC, up to 15 kV

Shorted coil inspection: Surge voltage up to 6 kV

Slow temperature test: -70°C to 200°C

Contacting technology

The reliable contacting of the electrical connections is essential for the function in an application. Our personnel are trained in this procedure. Trained specialists in accordance with IPC A610 and IPC A620 are at hand at all sites to guarantee the quality of the connections.

Soft soldering: Manual soldering, dip soldering, high-frequency soldering, resistance soldering

Brazing: Soldering iron, resistance soldering

Joining: Crimping, squeezing, pressing