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EMC Filters for Shielded Rooms


Nominal currents: 50 mA ... 2000 A
Nominal frequencies: 50 Hz ... 20 kHz
Voltage: DC and AC up to 10 kV
Insertion loss: up to 130 dB
Cut-off frequency: 10 kHz ... 40 GHz

Cab net filters are high-quality net filters in a three-chamber housing. The circuit is predominantly designed as a balanced double Pi circuit. The inductors used are high-quality rod core coils which, due to their large air gap, show a low saturation behaviour and are insensitive to asymmetrical loads. Due to their self-healing effect, film capacitors ensure a long service life even with sporadically occurring voltage peaks. It is important to fasten the filter seamlessly to the shielded room. The widened base plate allows a circumferential screw fastening with the earthed mounting wall.

This series is available as two-wire (phase and neutral) or four-wire (three phases and neutral). The N-conductor is always damped. The phases are decoupled from each other so that they can be operated individually without damping loss. Input and output line connections are encapsulated as threaded bolts under an HF cover.


  • Design: shielded connection chambers and connection bolts in the input and output area for single-phase or three-phase grids
  • Mounting: direct wall mounting by means of screw connection, corrugated ring hose or flange mounting
  • Optional: EMP protection on request


Cab filters from tesch emc are used in very different areas including HF-shielded cabins, absorber cabins, shielded rooms, EMC test stations according to IEC, tap-proof rooms, anechoic rooms, EMC test laboratories, NEMP and TEMPEST applications, EMP applications (electromagnetic pulse), shielding of government buildings, electromagnetic shielding, high-voltage laboratories, magnetic shielding, computer and server rooms

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