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Feedthrough capacitors


Nominal voltage: 24 V ... 6 kV
Nominal current: 50 mA ... 2000 A
Nominal frequency: 50 Hz ... 1 kHz
Test voltage: 100 V ... 12 kV
Cut-off frequency: 10 kHz ... 40 GHz
Damping: up to 130 dB

Feedthrough capacitors in combination with a housing offer protection against common-mode interference, mainly caused by potential differences in the grounding system. The damping is usually not recorded, since the progression is linear. The cut-off frequency must be established in order to determine the beginning of the damping.

Feedthrough capacitors are ideal for shielding applications and are very easy to install. Maximum reliability and a long service life are further quality features.Self-healing film capacitors provide good temperature stability and are very resistant to voltage peaks and failures in critical applications.


  • Connections: Connection wire, plug connection 6.3 mm, soldering tag, connection bolt, copper adapter for busbars
  • Mounting: Contact flange, central screw fixing, D-shape version with anti-twist protection
  • Special solutions in the range of nominal frequencies from 50 Hz up to 20 kHz


Feedthrough capacitors from tesch emc are used in very different areas including electromobility, shielded rooms, mobile radio base stations, medical technology, HF power supplies / switching power supplies, MRI rooms (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), RF microwave applications, HF generators, HF shielding technology, industrial control systems, railway technology, high-frequency welding equipment, elevator technology, tap-proof rooms, secure communication in industrial networks, radar applications, aviation 400 Hz - 800 Hz - 1000 Hz, UPS power supplies, computer and server rooms, radio communication equipment, interference suppression for AC applications 110 VAC - 230 VAC - 400 VAC, interference suppression for DC applications (e.g. battery systems), test stations for DC applications, EMC laboratories.

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