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Feedthrough filters


Nominal voltage: 24 V ... 6 kV
Nominal current: 50 mA ... 2000 A
Nominal frequency: 50 Hz ... 20 kHz
Test voltage: 100 V ... 12 kV
Cut-off frequency: 1 kHz ... 40 GHz
Attenuation: up to 130 dB

tesch emc feedthrough filters are a particularly cost-effective means of suppressing line-conducted interference. They offer superior insertion loss over a very wide frequency range from a few kHz up to 40 GHz.

Feedthrough filters are ideal for shielding applications and are very easy to install. Maximum reliability and a long service life are further features. Self-healing film capacitors provide good temperature stability and are very resistant to voltage peaks and failures in critical applications.


  • Connections: Connection wire, plug connection 6.3 mm, soldering tag, connection bolt, ...
  • Mounting: Contact flange, central screw fixing, D-shape version with anti-twist protection, ...


Feedthrough filters from tesch emc are used in very different areas including electromobility, shielded rooms, mobile radio base stations, medical technology, HF power supplies / switching power supplies, MRI rooms (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), RF microwave applications, HF generators, HF shielding technology, industrial control systems, railway technology, high-frequency welding equipment, elevator technology, tap-proof rooms, secure communication in industrial networks, radar applications, aviation 400 Hz - 800 Hz - 1000 Hz, UPS power supplies, computer and server rooms, radio communication equipment, interference suppression for AC applications 110 VAC - 230 VAC - 400 VAC, interference suppression for DC applications (e.g. battery systems), test stations for DC applications, EMC laboratories

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